“Finding Sacramento” Podcast Supplies Wonderful, In-Depth Content, and it was a Pleasure Being a Featured Guest

Nathan Miller, owner and operator of Finding Sacramento podcast, graciously hosted me as a featured guest for a two-plus hour interview full of rabbit holes and unexpected twists and turns. Finding Sacramento is “a podcast about Sacramento entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and chefs and how they found their ‘roots’ in the City of Trees,” and I’m thrilled to be the first ever attorney in the series.

Of course we intended the interview to focus on Sacramento and how it came to be home for me, a San Francisco transplant, and the platform for my entrepreneurial law firm; however, it turned into a long, strange trip down memory lane full of personal anecdotes reminiscent of clips from movies like Drugstore Cowboy, Outsiders, Raising Arizona, Good Will Hunting, Fight Club, Wall Street and Jerry McGuire. Mr. Miller helped navigate many of the unexpected detours and, ultimately, we centered on the many benefits the Sacramento business, arts and philanthropic communities and culture offer entrepreneurs, start-ups and other small businesses, such as Hughey Law Group. Segment will be available early June 2017.

Finding Sacramento is a wonderful program series featuring interesting insight and storytelling from real entrepreneurs and trail blazers who make up Sacramento communities. Mr. Miller does a great job ensuring relevant and meaningful content, and it was a pleasure working with him.