Hughey Law Group Speeds California Client through Motor City Federal Court

In defense of a federal action brought in the Eastern District of Michigan, Hughey Law Group successfully navigates the sale of substantial commercial real property, including a fully occupied office building, located in Detroit. Sale of the office building and surrounding property gutted the lawsuit against our California-based client and paved the way to extremely favorable resolution of the entire matter.

Cases involving high-value, single-asset disputes can be challenging, but litigating the matters in other state and federal jurisdictions pose layers of additional difficulties — the least of which not being skyrocketing litigation fees and costs. Litigating out-of-state matters can be relatively straightforward for knowledgeable attorneys; the trick, however, is doing so without causing the client to incur unnecessarily ballooning fees and costs, and that requires truly skilled counsel with extraordinary big-picture vision, meaningful experience, and clear understanding of and attention to client resources and needs.

Representing a local, closely held corporation, within five months of plaintiff filing the action, Hughey Law Group devises and orchestrates extraordinary case handling which includes addressing with court and counsel all primary case issues, expediting highly effective negotiations, facilitating disposition of the office building and other improved commercial property, and positioning the case for tremendously favorable outcome. True, those results are excellent; however, the extraordinary nature of the work is that we achieved the outcome without once traveling to Detroit, not having to arrange for our California attorneys to be formally admitted to practice or appear in the Eastern District of Michigan, and managing the case according to plan of avoiding our client incurring excessive fees and costs that typically accompany prolonged, out-of-state litigation.