Saint John’s 2016 Party for Change – An Event to Remember

Saint John’s Program for Real Change Party for Change was a brilliant arrangement of splendor and profound jubilation and triumph. We enjoyed excellent cuisine and entertainment, including surprise performance by David Garibaldi, in glamorous surroundings. And the lovely lady with sparkling wine glass skirt was a nice touch . . .

What made the event spectacular and unforgettable, however, was the several Saint John’s participants who bravely took the stage and shared their stories with us in attendance. Take young Michael and David, for instance.

The family shared perhaps its darkest times of compelled separation for reasons of substance abuse, violence and others, but they also shared the intense joy of being reunited after Saint John’s helped place them squarely on a path of recovery, stability, and success.

Kayla and her siblings shared a similar story. The sadness from the words on the signs and faces of the children was palpable.

Mercifully, the sadness – and awkwardness – was replaced with joy when Kayla, her siblings, and mother returned with a message of reunification, hope and triumph.

Saint John’s pulled off an impressive feat mixing pomp and circumstance with incredibly touching real-life experiences of joy and success, and Hughey Law Group could not be a prouder presenting sponsor. Big kudos to the Saint John’s team, and in particular CEO Michele Steeb and Development Director Sasha Wirth. Already looking forward to next year . . .