Tinder’s Hook-Up Fees Anti-American?

Tinder app user Allan Candelore filed suit against Tinder, Inc. in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming the app’s extra features monthly charges of $9.99 to $19.99 are discriminatory as against American citizens under California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act. Candelore alleges the fees are discriminatory because in other countries Tinder charges as little as $2.99 for the same or similar extra features, and therefore Americans are not being afforded equal protection under the Unruh Act. Candelore, apparently unwilling to accept or acquiesce to the fact that everything is more expensive in California, especially dating and sometimes even more so just hooking up, believes Tinder’s fees are so discriminatory that they rise to the level of “Ameriphobia.” Interesting.

Of course we’re certain Candelore’s lawsuit is in no way driven by his attorney’s knowledge of the fact that the Unruh Civil Rights Act provides recovery of attorneys’ fees for prevailing litigants. Ironic that Tinder, Inc. may wind up screwed regardless of the merits of Candelore’s claims.